Lash Love

Eyelash extensions are single individual lashes that are skilfully applied to each individual natural eyelash. They reflect your natural eye shape and different looks can be achieved. I use a range of different lengths, curls and thicknesses. During your consultation we work together to find the right look for you whether it be natural, fluffy, sophisticated or full on glam. This treatment is available at my home studio, Warfield Berkshire.


Natural Full Set | £45
Glam Full Set | £55

Infills 2-3 Weeks | £30 per hour


Why can’t I get my eyelashes wet in the first 24 hours?
Although your lashes are water proof….
Do not get your extensions wet for the first 24 hours – exposing your lash extensions to any moisture, such as steam, high humidity and water, will result in the lash glue coming brittle. It is vital you follow this rule in order to get the maximum amount of retention out of them as possible.

Can I use make up or oily products on them?
Never apply mascara or liquid or gel eyeliner to your extensions, or upper eyelid. Always arrive with clean extensions. Unclean extensions will either require a full removal for client safety, an additional cleansing fee, or less lashing time due to the cleaning time needed. If you ignore this rule then you may be charged for a removal and full set.

Do eyelash extensions cause any damage to my natural eyelashes?
No not if the eye lash extensions are applied correctly. As a trained lash artist I can properly assess your lashes and create a bespoke set using the correct lengths and weights you can wear safely week in week out. You should be able to comb through your individual lashes with none stuck together, they should feel weightless and soft and never cause you any pain or irritation.

Why are infills needed?
Avoid using make-up on the lashes. Please comb your lashes twice daily.
Infills are advised 2-3 weeks due to your natural lash cycle. Commitment and following aftercare will prolong your lashes.

*No Shows Policy – You will be charged 50%